We Asked Women Who Rock About Their Ultimate Female Icons

We are celebrating #TBT and girl power in a major way today. It’s an amazing time in the music industry as women are taking over and we’re seeing some serious badass babes stealing the spotlight. These women are kicking ass and also serving as the coolest role models to younger generations. So today, we celebrate by bowing down to the women that paved the way. We polled a few of our biggest girl crushes in music to ask them about their ultimate music queen. Read along and listen to the iconic picks from our new favorite pop divas.

Gwen Stefani, Women Who Rock, Galore

Jane Decker – Betty Who
“She’s the most confident girl in the world. She’s incredible.”


Stevie (Machineheart) – Lykke Li
“She’s a confident, creative, cutting-edge moody-pop-dream queen.”

Stevie, Machineheart, Circles, Galore Mag, Angelo Kritikos

Effie Liu – Gwen Stefani

“She also came from a Ska background and just knowing that she made her own things inspired me.”

Effie Lou, gwen stefani, Galore

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