Women Who Rock / Deap Vally

We got a chance to chit chat  with these rocking babes

Deap Vally

Describe your music in five words: Raw, honest, heavy, rhythmic, unapologetic.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
We put on something energetic and rocking, do some stretches, take our shoes off, and then we have a secret pre-show ritual.

What posters were on your bedroom walls as a teen?
Hole’s ‘Live Through This’ album cover. Nirvana. A poster of Flea. Ani DiFranco. Kate Moss. And there may as well have been a Doors album cover on the wall because I remember drooling over many a picture of Jim Morrison.

What’s on your tour rider?
Some very healthy stuff and then some very unhealthy stuff.

Wildest show of yours so far and why?
The 1234 Festival in Shoreditch, UK. I got a male audience member to get completely naked. It ruled.

How did you teach yourself to do that rock scream? Who are of your vocal influences?
Do wolves teach themselves to howl? It’s primal. It just comes out. My vocal influences are across the board: Robert Plant, Janis Joplin, Courtney Love, Fiona Apple, Jack White, Nina Simone.

Favorite lyric you ever wrote?
There’s a thing I like to call it brother when you fight and you kill you’re at war with each other / it’s the end of the world
There’s a thing I like to call it sister when you hate and you judge and you can’t love each other / it’s the end of the world – from “End of the World”

It’s the Women Who Rock issue, so… What’s your favorite female album cover art and music video of all time?
Album cover: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘It’s Blitz!’
Music video: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Date with the Night”

Photo By : Bryan Sheffield
interview by Alex Catarinella

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