The Real Reason Girls Split the Bill on Dates Is Depressing AF

Ask a “woke” bro who he thinks should pay on the date, and he’ll go on about how he loves when a girl offers to split the bill because it shows that she can hold her own — a.k.a not a “gold digger,” a guy’s worst (and most sexist) fear — and that she is all about equality.

But the truth is, if a girl pays her half on a date, there’s a good chance she just doesn’t ever want hook up with the dude or see him again, according to a survey.

78% of women surveyed admitted that they split the check because they don’t want to feel pressured to go out again or get physical with their date.

The question of who should pay for a date has always been up for rigorous debate — specifically pioneered by dumb dudes who get mad when they spend even a meager amount of money and don’t get laid as a reward — but has been a hot topic lately due to feminism being a trending topic.

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But the thing is, splitting the bill on a date isn’t about equality, it’s about basic social interaction. If your boss or your relative offered to take you out to dinner one night, it’s assumed that they’re paying because they invited you out. It doesn’t matter their gender or if they have ulterior motives, it’s just basic manners, especially if they’re picking the place.

If a girl was the one asking the dude out, then she should pay, but since guys are more desperate most of the time, they’re the ones initiating the date, and therefore the ones paying.

And, for the people in the back, feminism doesn’t mean doing a certain thing or being a certain type of person — it’s having the choice to do whatever the f you want, just like guys do.

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Granted, women shouldn’t feel like they owe a guy physical contact or another date just because he paid. But as someone who’s dealt with plenty of guys — via dating apps and IRL — who get angry and aggressive when they find out they’re not “getting some” after spending money on their own accord, you can’t blame us for taking precautions.

After all, the type of dude who feels the need to flaunt all his money on a first date tends to also be the type of guy who’s got insecurity issues and will verbally abuse you when you reject his physical advances. Good times!

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If you’re a dude and you’re reading this, maybe you should think twice before assuming that your hot date from last night who split the bill is about to be your future, self-sufficient bae. The truth is she probably just had a horrible time and you came off like the creepy type who’d pressure her to go back to your place.

H/T: The Washington Post

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