Apparently Women And Men Want To Have Sex At Completely Different Times


Sex toy company, Lovehoney conducted a survey of 2,300 participants about what time of day the felt the horniness and they found out some startling  unsurprising news. According to the survey responses men are at peak horniest in the morning– really early in the morning– like, from 6am-9am. Also unsurprisingly women are less interested in morning sex, and all about having sex late at night right before bed. Women’s reported Peak Horniness Hours were from 11pm-2am.

So why are women so not into having sex in the morning? The survey didn’t delve into that particular inquiry, but my guess is that amongst a myriad of reasons, women just aren’t feeling pretty in the morning and aren’t down to be as vulnerable as sex requires us to be when we have just woken up, still have morning breath, and probably have a terrible case of bed head.

Plus, let’s be real, we have things to do in the morning like get dressed, put on make up, do our hair– sex is probably the last thing on our minds when we are thinking about our morning routines.

But enough speculating, we decided to conduct our own poll. Let us know in the box below why you don’t prefer morning sex to late night coitus. Take our poll here, and see the results!

Why don’t you prefer morning sex?
Morning breath (ew)
I just feel gross.
I’m trying to SLEEP.
I don’t have time.
All of the above.
I don’t know what you’re talking about, I love morning sex.

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