Don’t Loan Money To Your Tinder Match Like These Women Did

Remember when girls were getting random Tinder dudes to buy them pizza? That was a bit ridiculous, but also hilarious. If anything, it was simply proof that guys will go to pretty weird lengths based on the small hope that they may get laid (or at least get a titty pic).

Unfortunately, in the same way that men can be conned out of money in hopes of getting laid, women can get conned out of money in hopes of finding love.

A 35-year-old man from New York City named Brandon Kiehm has allegedly conned not one, but two Tinder ladies out of $26,000.

Now, you’re probably wondering who the fuck would loan a sketchy Tinder dude that much money. Besides, most Tinder guys are asking for nudes, not cash.

But in both women’s defense, apparently Brandon had been dating them both. Not to mention that he lied about his name and occupation to further sway them.

According to The Guardian, Brandon had posed as Tristan Acocella, a banker for Goldman Sachs. In reality, Brandon Kiehm is a dog-walker.

Brandon dated the first woman he matched with for a few months before fabricating a story about his sister needed cancer treatments after his own wallet had been stolen. This woman reportedly gave him $14,000. Kiehm dated the second woman for several weeks, who loaned him $12,000 after hearing a similar sob story, the Guardian reports.

When Kiehm “paid” them back with checks that bounced, both women called the police. Thankfully, police found Kiehm and he is now being charged with five felony counts of grand larceny.

It’s tempting to laugh at these women for falling for such an obvious scam. After all, what kind of Goldman Sachs employee can’t pay his own bills? And what kind of person is suddenly out of money simply because their wallet was stolen? Not to mention no grown man is actually named Tristan outside a Nicholas Sparks novel.

But everyone gets lonely, and it’s easy to think someone is perfect when they’re on a computer (or cell phone) screen, and Brandon must have been pretty charming and manipulative to pull this off.

The moral of the story: don’t lend your new boyfriend big chunks of money — especially if he seems too good to be true, because he probably is.

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