Women In Fashion: Zahia Dehar!

The sweet world of Zahia Dehar is a whimsical one. The couture lingerie designer has catapulted from her tabloid past and into fashion’s most talked about and anticipated future. Zahia creates a world filled with beauty and sweetness that’s sure to make you a fan. And with friends like Karl Lagerfeld and campaigns shit by Terry Richardson, Zahia is here to stay.

Check out our interview with Zahia below, as well as in our latest issue, available HERE!


What piece of yours can’t you live without?

One piece I cannot live without is my cupcake bandeau maxi and string jupette. Is the perfect combination sexy and sweet.

Who are your fashion influences?

I am influenced by the indulgence of sweets. I recently opened a Patisserie in my pop-up shop at L’Eclaireur, which inspired the collection sold there.

What type of women do you see wearing your clothes?

When producing each piece of clothing, I aim to create garments symbolizing both elegance and femininity. Therefore, I see a confident, poised, and sexy woman wearing my clothes; one who is not afraid to march to her own drum and turn heads. When producing each piece of lingerie, I hope to unleash the inner confidence of each and every woman.

Who’s your favorite woman in fashion?

Stella McCartney remains one of the most prominent and inspiring women in the fashion world. Ever since I was a young girl, I have been inspired by her innovative take on style as well as her success as a female designer. Coming from the spotlight at a young age, I admire her ability to transform her passion and creativity for design into such a rewarding enterprise.

What’s the best part about being a woman in fashion?

The best part of being a woman in fashion is creating garments that inspire women throughout the world to lead a more fulfilling and exciting life. An essential goal of mine is to inspire women to feel confident and sexy. Therefore, I could not be happier to have this platform as a female designer to shape the lives of women on a daily basis.

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