Women In Fashion: Stefanie Marco, Creative Director Of Pavan Liqueur

While it might be Pavan Liqueur’s decorative blue bottle that initially draws you in, it’ll be the flavor that makes you stay. Created as a nod to the way of life in the South of France, Pavan will immediately transport you to another time when class and elegance reigned supreme.

Check out our interview with Stefanie below, as well as in our new issue, available HERE!

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We do love our cocktails! Isn’t it time they got a little enhancement?

Along comes Pavan created by Stefanie Marco to bring some pizzazz to our drinks and bit of Left Bank flair.

Creatively, who or what inspired you to start Pavan?

Pavan’s flavor and heritage as a petit muscat grape from AOC vineyards in the South of France immediately evoked images like those of Diana Vreeland’s early years at Vogue. I think all women feel a sense of escape when looking at vintage 1960’s beach fashion photos, and I wanted to capture that time and feeling for Pavan. Pavan tastes as elegant as these images look.

What is your favorite way to enjoy Pavan?

My favorite way to enjoy Pavan is with people who make me smile, al fresco. But, more literally, I like it in our signature sangria, which is simply Pavan and Perrier with fresh fruits.

Has fashion influenced your brand?

Definitely, but historically, couldn’t one say drinking has influenced fashion, if anything? Christian Dior could have not invented the cocktail dress i the 1940’s if it weren’t for the cocktail.

What cocktail would you suggest for a busy fashionista?

I love Pavan in unsweetened black or green iced tea with fresh mint and perhaps a splash of gin. It offers a little energy boost and tastes very refreshing. The wine glass is always a perfect accessory.

Photo by: Drex Drechsel

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