Women In Fashion: Peggy Noland

The eccentric Kansas City native has been known for her fun approach to fashion. Her collections are sometimes reminiscent of ’90’s club culture and the characters it brought to life. Always with a new outlook and to-die-for staples (her patchwork motorcycle jacket?! OMG!), we’re sure to all want to channel  our inner cool kid.

Check out our interview with Peggy below, as well as in our new issue, available HERE!


Who if any, are your muses?

@hunx, @brandebtw, @tojustinkelly,@lukegilford, @renatarashka @thedogshowusa Whoa, actually i could go on forever. Basically any one who is doing something. if you’re making something, who am i to say if it’s good or not – but people who aren’t questioning themselves and giving themselves permission to make work, regardless of how it’s received, is always so cool to me.

What helps inspire your creativity?

Isn’t that the same as my muses? I am super inspired by people who work hard at whatever their ‘thing’ is.

Who are some of your fashion influences?

GERLAN JEANS!!!! Obsessed with her completely. Gerlan is someone who’s priorities are as admirable as her products.

Who do you envision wearing your clothes?

Dolly Parton

What piece from your collection are you most proud of?

I’m probably supposed to say ‘the one that is not made yet’ or something like that hahaha. Ummm okay, my favorite one on me is the Plastic camo brand guy, cause it was the first puffy painted piece I made. I don’t know why I am into to puffy paint so much right now – I think it’s very nostalgic and getting away with it being obvious that it is hand made, instead of trying to make something look so clean and slick from the factory has been really good for me. There is certainly a ‘so bad it’s good thing’ happening with these current pieces.

Photo by: Hadley Johnson

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