Woman Goes Overboard After Losing A ‘Twerk-Off’ At The Mad Decent Boat Party

At last night’s Mad Decent Boat Party, an EDM festival/party hosted by Diplo and Skrillex, which takes place on a cruise ship (obviously), one of the attendees was reportedly observed jumping from the ship after something went down during a dance competition. One of the guests, Graham Hansen, who knew the missing woman told NBC 6, “She and some other girl who was calling herself the twerk queen were having a twerk-off. Twerk queen started twerking on her (the missing woman’s) boyfriend, and it caused some sort of issue between the two of them.” The cruise ship holding the event immediately deployed their rescue boats and notified the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard has sent out a plane and other rescue measures to find the missing woman, searching the ocean 22 miles off the coast of Cuba, where the woman allegedly intentionally jumped off. Rain and darkness have made the search difficult, and as of the last update, the woman has not been found. The rest of the party has been cancelled and the ship is headed back to Miami where the cruise began. This sad event is another in a long line of controversy concerning the safety of raves and how to regulate them. In light of this tragedy, maybe it’s best to get down to Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose in the safety of your own bedroom.

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