This random ingredient can keep you bump-free this bikini season

When you think of witch hazel, you probably associate it with some weird concoction your great aunt tried to force on you when you scraped your knees as kid. It smells kind of funny and usually comes in a brown bottle that looks nasty af. But, this ancient remedy can actually cure one of the biggest annoyances of bikini season: ingrown hairs.

Yes, every time you were hopelessly left with a line of stinging red bumps along your bikini line after shaving or waxing, there was actually a super easy way to become bump free. This intel comes courtesy of Deanna Renda, founder of Naples Soap Company, who gave us a few tips on how to use witch hazel to quickly rid of ingrown hair.

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The remedy is quick and easy and uses a few natural things you prob already have in your cabinet. All you need to do is soak a cotton-swab in some alcohol-free witch hazel and cold aloe vera and apply it to the irritated area.

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After your skin has dried, apply a few drops of cold-pressed argan oil. Use some gentle soap to further rid of irritation and voilà, you’re bump free and can rock your supa cute bikini without a care in the world. Fab.

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