Willow Smith’s Thought Process Before Getting Dressed


While most of us spent age 14 swarthed in ginormous sweatshirts and ill-fitting jeans, Willow Smith has already honed her style and constantly looks jaw-droppingly fascinating in her outfits. Literally, even when we can’t figure out WTF she’s wearing, she tends to look awesome.

Willow revealed her top secret style guidelines in an interview with Billboard, and the advice was slightly unexpected. “I could literally climb a mountain and survive a couple nights in nature,” said Smith. “That’s a requirement for my clothes because one day I was on the freeway and I saw a mountain, so I literally just pulled over and climbed it.”

She takes adventurous to a-whole-other level if this is true. I skeptically looked up some of Willow’s recent outfits and she does, in fact, usually look ready for high-intensity professional level hiking. Look:



Maybe her style motto is crazy, but it works for her!

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