8 Cute V-Day Sweatshirts for Girls Who Love to be Lazy

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you’re spending the day with bae or bacon, we’ve got you covered on top. (Let’s be real, there won’t be pants in the equation either way.) Wildfox came out with an amazing Valentine-inspired sweatshirt line that gives us yet another reason not to leave our beds on V-Day.

Check out Ava Allen’s lookbook video, then scroll down for some more of our faves.

These sweatshirts are majorly adorable and would be seriously sassy in your #SundaySelfie for the ‘gram.

1. Blah Blah Blah


Honestly, could this be any more perfect for Bachelor-themed drinking games? Take a sip every time someone cries.

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2. It’s An Addiction, Couch Princess

Because, we can’t live without the internet. Also, you could stream “Magic Mike” on the internet. Like right now. 

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3. I’m With Charming

Your couple selfie game just went up a few notches.

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4. Two Hearts Malibu Pullover

Aww. We think it still counts if the second heart belongs to your cat. <3 

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5. Not Your Doll

A doll, yes. But not yours ;). 

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6. My Heart is Nuclear

Watch out, boys. 

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7. Pretty Pink Floral

This rose will never die!!

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8. Pass the Wine

On Valentine’s day, but also…. Like every day?

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