Wild Children: 5 Ways To Stay Sane In The Suburbs

The upsides to the Winter Break are many. A whole month with no school or work. Low stress, plenty of free time, a break from the sleeplessness that plagues our lives as young adults. The downside? Going home. After the rabble and high energy marathon that the city has to offer, going back to our, often suburban, homes can be a release. A much needed naptime after so much anxiety induced insomnia. However, after about a week, the novelty of home life starts to wear thin. We become restless, claustrophobic, bored. Never fear, here are five ways to stave off boredom in your suburban hometowns. Good luck!

1. The House Party: The great, all American right of passage. I am sure many of you have already partaken in its wonders but for those who have not, or for those who need a bit of a reminder, we will oblige. The house party is the small town equivilant of a big city nightclub. Filled with pounding music, overflowing alcohol, and often illegal substances. The empty beds are many and the youngsters are well dressed and nubile. If you miss the club scene, this activity will do in a pinch!
2. The Bonfire: Perhaps the outdoor version of the house party? However, a little bit of fire never fails to add an heir of naughtiness and mystery to any outdoor gathering. The act of roasting marshmellows, enacting bouts of debauchery and getting frisky in one’s backyard is made just a bit more festive by adding a little homemade illumination.
3. Raiding your Parent’s Liquor Cabinet: You are under 21 and in the middle of nowhere. What do you do for supplies? Take a page from your parents of course! Or more accurately, take a bottle from them. Who says that you have to be good just because you are sleeping in your childhood bed?
4. The Mini Road Trip: If Fast Times at Ridgemont High is any indication, the best thing to do if you are bored in a small town is drive around the area acting stupid with your friends. You may not have any idea where you are going, but isn’t the best part of any road trip the act of getting there?
5. Nostalgia: Going home can be a bore but there is always something to look foreword to once you are there. The old friends, the forgotten hangouts, the small town vibe. It is cheesy but no matter where you go in life, you will find yourself making new memories and looking back at old ones. You are growing up and there may not be too much time left to appreciate the good old days. So revel in them while you can.
Written By: Amanda Lang

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