Why You Shouldn’t Date a Guy Who Is “Complicated”

There are so many different types of shitty dudes, that it’s getting hard to keep track. We all know not to date a player, a cheater, a creeper, or that dude who only sleeps with you cuz he needs a place to crash. But there’s another type of guy that if you want to maintain sanity, you should definitely avoid. I’m talking about the guy who’s “complicated.” You know exactly the type of guy I’m talking about, and you love him. He’s mysterious, he’s artsy, you (being a female) have a natural inclination to want to fix him. Save yourself the time and brainpower – just don’t. You’re not his doctor, sweetie.


There are different types of guys who try to be complicated, but I’ve found one type of guy is the most prominent in my age of 20-somethings and college bros. He really, really, really likes you. He’ll tell you this (but usually only when you ask him or need validation). However, he’s probably either:

Been hurt before. Has trust issues. Or really needs to focus on work/school/sports right now.

Or, my personal favorite:

He likes you too much.

You really like this dude, hell, maybe you even love him, so you rationalize his explanation. You’ll tell yourself, “He’s so right! I should really be focusing on school too, so we can just keep f***ing casually like we are right now.” You’ll try to figure out ways to get him to shed the fear of relationships by showing him that you won’t hurt him like his ex did, that you would never cheat on him, and that you like him even more than he likes you. But guess what? No matter how complicated a dude is, if he really, really gave a shit, he would be with you.

I hate to burst your pretty little bubble, and the reason I know this is because I’ve fallen for it too. But you’re so much better than dating a dude who’s “complicated.” Maybe one day he’ll grow up, and realize that if he wants to be with an awesome chick like you he has to grow up. But, until that day, do yourself a favor and let the only “complicated” person in your life be Avril Lavigne on your ipod.

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