Why You Should Always Listen To Your BFF Who Doesn’t Like Your Man


What do girls do when they start to really like a dude?

When their not doodling his name on their notebook or mentally planning the wedding in their head, they are talking about him—all the f*cking time.

If you’re into a guy, you’ll take any chance you get to name-drop him into the conversation, even if there is hardly any connection whatsoever.

Naturally, your friends will probably get sick of this and talk sh*t, even more so if they are single.

However, there is a big difference between your friends teasing you for “catching the feels” and actually warning you about your latest crush. While your instinct might be to brush it off, telling yourself that she’s jealous, you need to sit your a** down and realize your best friend always has your best interest.

Remember that time you asked your BFF if your ass looked fat in your new Nastygal leather shorts and she said yes? Yeah, a true friend was not going to let you out looking like Snookie pre-baby body. A true friend is also not going to want you spending all your time and effort on a dude that ain’t worth sh*t. Never forget that.

As girls, we like to see the best in men until they royally screw us over. If he forgets to text us, we’re sure he was busy with work. If we see him with another girl, she’s probably his best friend. If he ditches us for his boys, it was probably one of his friend’s birthdays.

While this is what gets us fooled in the first place, I’ll let it slide for now. Because, if you’re lucky, you have a gal pal who sees right through his baby blue eyes and chiseled mid-section for the piece of sh*t he really is. And as your friend, she is going to tell you, whether you like it or not.

What’s the worst thing you can do in this situation? Fight back.

Maybe your friend is known to over-react or harp on gossip, fine. But if you are seriously going to get in a fight with your ride or die over some loser on the hockey team that will probably forget your name in a month, you’re an idiot (and a horrible friend). If you try to blame your friend’s words on the fact that your friend has been hurt, you’re also an idiot.

You don’t have to stop hanging out with a guy after your friend makes one negative comment, but at least take her words to heart and keep your guard up. Your girl has no reason to make up sh*t about some random dude because she’s “jealous,” don’t flatter yourself.

After all, do you really want to run crying to your girl and have her say “I told you so?”

No, you certainly do not.

It’s nice to want to see the best in everyone, and to not judge a boy on his past (after all, we’ve all done sh*tty things before). But, at the end of the day, do people really change? Is a cheater once always a cheater in the future? I hate to make over-arching statements, but in my experience I find this to be true. If he has a bad reputation, there’s likely a reason behind it. I’m not saying to avoid him like the plague, but you should play his game better than him instead of falling for him like Cupid stuck an arrow up your a**.

That dude is not going to be there at the end of the day, but your best friend will be— waiting beside the aisle as you walk down to marry the dude that she actually approved of.

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