Why You Don’t Need A Boyfriend Right Now

All my single ladies, put your hands up! Doesn’t it feel good to know that no one is cheating on you? Isn’t it nice to do what you want, when you want to without worrying about your man’s ego? Isn’t it fun to give into your compulsions without cheating on anybody? On a serious note, you really don’t need a boyfriend right now. You’re young with dreams, goals and aspirations. Unless your dream is packing school lunches, cleaning the house and daydreaming about the independent woman you could have been, this is why you DON’T need a boyfriend right now:


Distraction. Guys are a huge distraction. Girl, you have so much ahead of you. It’s easy to get attached and want to spend your days boo’d up. That’s not productive. Keep the boys an arms length away and build your empire.

Men Are Dogs. No, but seriously. A good man is indeed hard to find. Our society says that, all men make mistakes. Mistakes that often destroy trust, self esteem, dreams…especially when it comes to a relationship. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Avoid the heartbreak and emotional distress by focusing solely on you!

Babies. Boyfriends lead to sex, which often leads to comfortable sex and comfortable sex a lot of the time results in the abandonment of condoms. When you’re in love it doesn’t really seem like a bad idea but think about it. How many of those teens “in love” on Teen Mom ever work out? What about your friends? How many of your friends with kids are still with the dad? Let a man put a ring on it before giving him a child, just saying. Shit happens but you have goals. Don’t let the idea of having a man defer your dreams or knock you up before you’re ready.

There’s nothing wrong with being in love. But you only live once. Love can be life changing, good or bad. You’re a bad ass who doesn’t need a man just yet. Lets get our shit together first.

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