Why We’re Convinced FKA Twigs Is A Goddess

One word: Pendulum. FKA Twigs latest video for “Pendulum” solidifies her place among the gods. It’s refreshing to finally have a current pop star that is also a true artist. It’s kind of a rarity these days to be the ultimate full package: talented, artistic, beautiful and confident. FKA, Tahliah, has a clear vision both aesthetically and musically; each stylized video is more grandiose and visually stunning than the video previous. Her live performances are no different. Our obsession and awe is continually growing for this real life goddess. We bow to you, FKA Twigs.

Galore Mag - FKA Twigs


Galore Mag - FKA Twigs


“Two Weeks”

“Video Girl”

“Papi Pacify”

“Water Me”

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