Why the VFiles Show Is All You Needed to See Last Night

What started as an online retailer with a single storefront in NYC, VFiles founder Julie Ann Quay has taken self-made fashion in an entirely new direction. Following the format of previous collections, in which the designers who will showcase their capsules on the runway are chosen by the highly active VFiles social media community and then the board of brand mentors, this season was unlike any other. Young designer Feng Chen Wang drew inspiration from her fathers cancer diagnosis, outfitting male models in IV tracks running through zippers while the NYC-based trio Moses Gauntlett Cheng threw all gender boundaries off the runway, showcasing a range of new-age lingerie looks on a post-gender model line-up.

Earlier this year, Julie Ann Quay spoke with HighSnobiety about the brand and said, “It’s really hard to get a young designer — and I’m not saying they’re not talented because they’re super talented — but to get that into an environment where other people will appreciate how talented they are is really challenging.” Let’s just say, the VFiles Made Fashion runway show successfully introduced the world to a group of young designers who can encompass youth and pop culture, all in one sitting, and it’s the only thing you needed to see on the first day of NYFW. If you missed it, here are some highlights:

  1. Moses Gauntlet Cheng reminded us that you can look fabulous at any age.


2. Penis nipple covers. Safe to say we’ll be seeing these on Miley tomorrow.


3. When Shaun D. Ross walks a runway, he sets that shit on fire.


4.  In case you forgot fashion can be dark AF…


5. And the nipple hath been freed.


6. Amidst a ball gown presentation, MIGOS?!


7. A decedent ball gown that even Big Bird and Rihanna’s Met Gala ensemble would envy.


To see the entire show and more NYFW coverage, go here.

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