Why the Travis Scott Show in LA is Important During NYFW

When New York Fashion Week is going on, people forget about, well, the rest of the world and the fact that things do exist outside of that new Skylight Clarkson Square location. If you thought that every celebrity in the country was on the east coast right now, being swarmed by paparazzi leaving their front row runway seats, think again because Travis Scott put on one of his best shows yet at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles last night, and it was attended by a few special guests including Big Sean, our favorite tatted R&B babe Kehlani, and none other than rumored boo, the bad gal herself, Rihanna. But that’s not the only reason the Rodeo singer’s show is an important one. Here’s a quick recap on a Scott production that’ll give you an idea of his anti-celebrity mentality as well as, maybe, what Rih sees in him:

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 7.40.48 AM

1. Travis reminds us that it’s all about having fun. He will literally stop the show and pull you on stage if he sees you not raging in the front row. He personally pulled a probably shell-shocked blonde girl on stage to tell her that, with the best seat in the entire house, where “he lets no one sit,” she better be having fun and not “Instagramming.” If this isn’t a reality check to what our generation equates as “fun,” I don’t know what is.

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2. Just because you’re in VIP seats, doesn’t mean you’re a VIP.  Before even starting the show, Scott gave a brief, yet raw, very Fight Club-esque reminder to those of us in the balcony that just because “you in the balcony, you ain’t VIP, your clothes ain’t more expensive than these people down here. You ain’t safe.” Don’t start feeling important just because you may be sitting next to Rihanna as she hand-rolls blunts in front of you.

3. Scott’s standing pit is not safe. The “GA” section of Scott’s shows should have a disclaimer that this space is not safe for, not women, not children, not men, not humans. However, watching it is entertaining and Scott brings back an old school mentality that shows are the place to lose your mind and let it all be about that moment, even if that moment means getting your face smashed into the person in front of you.

4. A live performance is where you give everything. Yes, Scott receives a lot of hate for his attitude and arguable Kanye-isms, however, if you want to see a rapper that is “everything except a rapper” in Scott’s terms, and a true performer, his show will not disappoint. When you give a 150% to a live performance, trust me, you can feel it from the balcony.

5. It’s still cool to crowd surf in 2015 and you don’t have to be at a Blink-182 concert to have that feeling of a real show again, because Travis Scott and Big Sean crowd surf too.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 7.39.38 AM

6. Stop eating your mama’s apple pie. Scott ended with a late track on the album, the understated “Apple Pie” in which he croons that he doesn’t want his mama’s apple pie anymore, and not because it’s not delicious, but if he’s going to make something of himself, he needs his “own recipe, own legacy.” And Scott not so politely reminded us to get out of our mama’s house and do the same.

7. Rihanna was there, and having a good ‘ol time, wearing a tee that read “Securite” and camo pants, making our pretty little heads explode from gossip-infused curiosity. Enough said.

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