Why Sophia Grace’s “Best Friends” Is Actually The Realest

If you haven’t seen the latest from Sophia Grace, her new single and music video for “Best Friends” prove that she hasn’t given up her dream to be Nicki Minaj. Don’t remember who Sophia Grace is? She’s that adorable little girl who sang Nicki Minaj‘s “Super Bass” on the Ellen Show after becoming a Youtube sensation.


But now she’s all grown up, if grown up constitutes being 11 years old, at least. Thankfully, there is no “girls gone wild” Miley-esque outfits and/or body movements, but we have to admit the beat is pretty bumping, and actually sounds like something we would hear on the radio.


Although the lyrics may not be about popping bottles or dumping your ex, it’s actually quite refreshing to hear a song about best friends. Music artists these days always seem to be writing about their lovers, heartbreaks, and enemies, but where’s the appreciation for your gal pal that’s with you through it all?

Leave it to a elementary-schooler to remind us who really deserves a song written about them. While the lyrics may not contain profound epiphanies or cleverly crafted metaphors, Sophia raps:

That’s my girl, got my back
When I need her, always there
Hold me down, like no one else
Stupid boys come around
Me and my girls shut ’em down

Not sure when boys are worse, in the fifth grade or in college, but regardless- our girls always should come number one.


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