Why Sluts Are Awesome


I’ve always admired sluts. They have a lot of balls to go against the grain and do what the f*ck (and who the f*ck) they want. Sluts have more fun…period and this is why…

Chances are, that if you are a slut, you don’t worry about catching feelings for every hook up. You know the difference between making love and just f*cking. And that is a good insight to have when it comes to your emotions. Sluts are awesome because they’ve been around the block and know when dudes are just running game. They’re hip to the games while other girls are naive and getting played.

You aren’t in high school, so nobody has to know about your sexcapades. The world is full of secret sluts. Nobody knows because they keep their business to themselves. Smart sluts know how to keep their personal lives on the hush hush. That’s awesome in a world where everyone broadcasts all of their business.

Condoms and routine check ups are your friends. Smart sluts know this and keep it safe. Especially when you’re sampling around, you don’t want to bring back any souvenirs. Most sluts know this and keep it safe.

Last but not least sluts know how to have fun. You only live once. They don’t let society tell them who they should be with or how many. Sluts know that holding out won’t keep a man’s interest or prevent them from getting cheated on. They go after who and what they want. And after a certain number, they just stop damn counting. Awesome.

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