Why Sample Sales Are Overrated

Being a self-proclaimed professional bargain shopper (and just a shopper in general), I was more than excited to move to New York and take advantage of all the shop-portunities. One of these shop-portunities included the infamous sample sales. I had heard horror stories about the endless lines, fights, and having to try on clothing in public- but also the great deals on designer merchandise.


Needless to say, shortly after moving into my new apartment in Manhattan, I went to my first sample sale, the Rent The Runway sample sale. At their sale, they sold all the old dresses that had been rented and that they weren’t offering on the site anymore. I ended up buying a Herve Leger dress that I had been eyeing for 400$ (an early birthday gift for myself). An average Herve Leger dress retails for around 1,200$, so I figured I scored myself a pretty decent deal, and it had been a dress that I had wanted for a while now. Plus I felt pretty cool when I wore it out and a bunch of my girlfriend’s asked if it was Herve and I could say “yes.”


After that sale, I received emails from the official “sample sale” chain about upcoming sales, and to be honest, I was a little disappointed. Sure, If you are already planning on buying a Helmut Lang dress, then it’s awesome to get a deal on it. However, if you are someone like me who isn’t rolling in the dough, and doesn’t NEED anything in particular, it is not the place. At many sample sales, you are only really getting about 50% off. Sure, half off is never bad, but it’s also generally the percentage off that you receive at stores like Marshalls and Century 21. Granted, a sample sale will have more selection of that specific designer than the average discount chain, which goes back to my reasoning if you already were planning on buying something from the designer, sample sales are great.


However, for those of you like me who just love a deal and can’t say no to spending money when there’s a sale, sample sales aren’t the place for you. If you are trying to score designer duds for a fraction of the cost, get to one of the many consignment shops in the city, they have prices that rival even those of stores like TJ Maxx, plus usually a wider variety-albeit less sizes- you have to be prepared to hunt! Isn’t that the fun of it anyways though?


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