Why Long Distance Relationships Are A Waste Of Time


Obviously it’s much more convenient to have your hook up buddy live in the same city as you, neighborhood, above your favorite bar, next to your office, or in your building, but sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they live in a completely different state which only makes the two of you sexually frustrated.

Which got me to thinking- are long distance relationships even worth holding on to? Of course the obvious answer is probably no. No f***ing way is it ever worth it. Especially if you live in a city where men are as accessible as an open cab.

But what if there is something more in the equation: true chemistry.

I mean Joaquin Phoenix essentially lived in a long distance relationship in the movie Her. All they did was talk on the phone, blab about problems, share stories, and never have sex. Okay, so it was more like a middle school relationship.


But I know a few friends who are in the process of a long distance relationship or fling or whatever. It’s working for most of them, but I personally don’t have the time or energy. It baffles me that two people can make something work while living apart and what’s more is that they are remaining faithful. Actually, I am almost certain that most are not faithful, whether they want to admit it or not. Their man probably has Tinder on the low.

Plus being in a long distance relationship is almost the same as having an imaginary boyfriend. None of your friends really know him or ever get to meet him when he’s in town.

But don’t get me wrong, I totally believe in love and I can assure you that I am a very positive person, but when it comes to relationships I can’t help but be a realist. It’s the only thing that you can get deeply and emotionally involved in and it can all end or change with the blink of an eye. At least there is one thing we can all agree on that will always outlast a relationship: alcohol.

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