Why Justin Bieber (And All Guys) Won’t Admit They’re Dating You Anymore

Today marked the beginning of Bieber week on Ellen, so we had our hopes high for anything regarding the status of Selena, his sizable dick, or any other girl that the Biebs might have his apologetic lips on at the moment. The first episode was surely not a disappointment, as Ellen cut right to the chase in identifying just what songs off of his quickly approaching album, Purpose, dropping November 13th, are about his first love. Justin confirmed that ‘Sorry’, ‘What Do U Mean’ and ‘Mark My Words’ are in fact influenced by his and Selena’s relationship and he even continued on to say that many things do remind him of her and things they used to do “all the time”. When asked if him and Selena would ever get back together, he answered, “I mean, we have a lot of  history together, so I’m sure it possibly could happen, but I think we’re both on our own journeys, figuring ourselves out right now, so maybe once we’re done figuring ourselves out we can come together and make an awesome duo.”

However, when asked about model Jayde Pierce, who he took with him on his apparently nudist getaway to Bora Bora, he denied any dating speculation with persistance. When Biebs claimed, “She’s just a friend. I’m not dating anyone,” Ellen interrogated with all accurate points in stating that people don’t typically take their “friends” to Bora Bora so they, and the paparazzi, can all be simultaneously surprised at the size of your dick, but Justin didn’t back down. Well rather, he covered his face and asked her to stop, if that counts as the same.

Ellen posed a good question, “Why is it so bad to say you’re dating somebody?” This is something, as women, we’ve been asking ourselves since the terms of “dating” have recently changed. Guys are terrified to say they’re dating someone, probably because they don’t want to get in trouble with the other girls they’re undeniably fucking on the side. Deny, deny, deny and they’re in the clear. And we’re not going to claim we’re dating someone who can’t even admit it to anyone else. If you’re wondering what your guy is really saying about your relationship when you’re not around, watch Justin Bieber’s reaction here before you pay for that surprise birthday trip you’re planning for your “unofficial” boyfriend.


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