Why Jobs And Relationships Are Millennials’ Biggest Problems

The first time my dad taught me how to ride a bike he told me, “If you fall, just make sure you keep your head from hitting the pavement.” Of course CPS would have been like, “WTF shit advice is that?” But I learned how to ride my bike that day and even now when I fall, I always make sure my head doesn’t hit the ground. 

But, occasionally, I do hit my head. Not literally though. I mean this with my failures. Failures as in my job or boy choices.  I’m not perfect and I haven’t landed that ultimate dream job like many of us are still searching for, but I believe that I have a good out take on things. Maybe it’s because I never hit my head when I fell off my bike or because I’m really good at carrying my drunk confidence into the next day. Now, I’m only 22 but I feel as if the various jobs I’ve had is far more than anyone else my age. Okay maybe not, but my track history is definitely the wildest range.  I’ve hosted at restaurants, worked at tennis shops, was a camp counselor, tennis instructor, worked the door at a friend’s nightclub, interned for a magazine, became an editor and writing for a magazine, worked retail, was with a PR agency for a bit, worked in fashion, start-ups, and a music production company. 

I guess it makes sense why my friends always ask me two things: Where are you working now and who are you seeing? With jobs, they usually turn out to be the wrong fit. It’s like online shopping. You get super stoked on a pair of new jeans to be delivered and you’re 100% committed as soon as you hit purchase. Hell, you probably make plans to wear them to a friend’s shitty bar party. But when you finally get them in your hands, you have to check twice that they’re the same pair. Because now you find them sliding down your legs like a damn slip and slide. Great, they don’t fit at all.  And you only get one life so there’s no reason to waste it on a pair of pants or a job that doesn’t properly fit you. Same goes with boys.  

Well, they’re a little different. I wouldn’t compare boys to online shopping. Return policies are iffy on that. Plus they never quite come in your size. No, boys are more like window shopping. I mean, I’m too afraid to commit to that expensive outfit on the mannequin that I may out grow one day, but I’ll tell all of my friends about it and see it every other day when I get off work. But I’d much rather try and make it work with a company than a boy. And I know that mindset is not the healthiest, but I’m still young and if anything I feel that now is the time to be selfish. Because jobs and guys are one in the same. Our lives revolve around landing our dream job and dream partner. It’s about building a relationship and foundation. Establishing something that can last long term.  

And that’s the goal. Which is why we usually seek out one then the other. You should never search for a relationship and job at the same time. That’s just a headache waiting to happen and there isn’t enough Adderall in the world to help keep you focused on that train wreck. But whether it’s boys or jobs, sometimes the path you pick in life doesn’t come with a book for dummies. And unlike college, if you don’t like what or who you’re doing then you can change your focus without being punished or put behind. 

Maybe I’m not cut out for a relationship. I mean, I’ve done the whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing and my dating record is almost as random as my work one. Or maybe I’m not one to settle. I just can’t settle down with a mediocre job and I can’t be in a mediocre relationship. And I don’t think a girl should be put down for admitting that. But some people, they think that because they’re in a shitty situation, it means they’re stuck there. Forever. Like eternity. Or until happy hour starts and they can pretend to be happy. Or drink their sorrows away (girls, wear waterproof mascara if you do this though). 

Either way, life is going to slam us with obstacles whether we’re ready or not. Helmet or not. But there are two approaches to handling this. You can either mope and whine and then whine with wine. Or, you can take my approach and look at your sticky situation like an SNL skit: shit happens, but it only lasts a brief moment and in the end you’ll laugh about it. Because stressing over stuff gets you absolutely fucking nowhere and it makes for a dense outlook on life. Also, no one wants to hear your sad story over and over and over again. There is a difference between venting and then getting shit done and down right complaining. Even your bartender will want to slap you in the face. Or worse, they may introduce you to that really fucking annoying drunk at the end of the bar. Talk about a buzz kill. Unless they’re attractive. Then maybe it’s okay. You could just sound them out and stare at their cheek bones. 

But I’m getting off topic. What I’m trying to get at is that sometimes you can’t prepare yourself enough for life and all of the crap it throws your way. You’ll forget your helmet like I did, but you learn to figure out other alternatives. When you’re riding your bike, life is like the ground. Sometimes you’re going to fall and hit yourself against it, but it’s always important to push through. Push through those shitty relationships (but if they’re absolute shit then push your way out of it) and work through the awful jobs to find the one you love. Or create your own empire. Take risks, ride through life without your helmet, but for the love of God, make sure you always keep your head up.

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