Why Is Everybody Freaking Out About This Lana Del Rey Cover?

Poor Lana Del Rey – even when all she’s doing is posing for the cover of a magazine, the haters can’t resist trying to tear her down.

Yesterday Vogue Turkey unveiled their new cover staring our favorite moody cat, and even though she’s giving us her Malificent eyes, while straddling a wooden chair like a boss, some people on the Internet weren’t about it. I know, shocker, right?


Here’s a brief collection of what the Internet’s finest critics came up with:

From Eminem’s #1 fan, MyNameIs: “Yikes. That’s not her actual face, is it? She looks like a plastic surgery victim.”

From the ever-so-humble KateTheGreatest: “Holy Photoshop =( She looks really really bad, she does not look like herself!”

And last, but not least Benn98 chimed in with, ““Yikes, they’ve stripped everything that actually made her Lana Del Rey. And what’s with the busty area??? Might as well have been a random model, tbqh. Quite a missed opportunity.”

Even though these people are clearly trolls in disguise as actual human beings, I have to admit that I honestly don’t know what they’re talking about. And I’m basically an expert on Lana Del Rey, so that’s saying something.

I guess the lesson from this all is that Taylor Swift really was right when she said that “haters gonna hate”. Or was that 3LW? Or was that Ice Cube? Ugh, don’t you hate it when pop culture gets repetitive?

Oh well, kisses to the haters!


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