Why Iggy Azalea is Having A Hard Time

The female MC, not to mention phenomenal free-styler, Iggy Azalea, who we all once knew as our favorite Aussie who could say things really fast in song form and rap about “the struggle” and twerking, accompanied by an actual orchestra is, well, having a difficult time. Iggy’s career now feels like this flash of light and we’re all a bit confused at what blinded us in the first place. Was it the perfectly tamed golden locks? The slight, or more accurately put, slightly annoying, way she tried to cover the accent? Was it the fact that she first bagged A$AP Rocky for a minute there before the fame and then Swaggy P? One thing is for sure, even though he defended her, wherever A$AP’s coinciding couple tattoo that Azalea once claimed definitely exists, it’s been covered up now. Make-up, another tattoo, professionally removed, anything.

The transfer of love to indifference for the hip-hop star was so sudden, and undoubtedly probably why Iggy is such a weird place right now in her life. Here are just a few of the mistakes Iggy has made, probably without realizing it would send her once thriving career into turmoil and leave her sobbing into snack boxes in Laker game court side seats:

She had her boobs and face reworked and then made it seem like a good thing to young girls. I think why we’re so hurt, Iggy, is because dammit you didn’t need to. Couldn’t you just be happy with that ass?

She canceled an arena tour. Granted, she had to because literally no one bought tickets but it still looks bad.

She wore an easter basket on her head to the Grammy’s. Okay, sorry that one was just mean. But funny.

She made an awful song with Britney Spears and then blamed her for it. It can’t be her fault, Miley made a perfectly good “banger” with Britney and we weren’t mad about it. Granted, it was probably phoned it but it’s probably better that way anyways.

She argued with Twitter Superhero fan accounts. Why, just why?

And now she’s trying to sue an ex-boyfriend for “stealing” her music. Now Iggy, let’s sit back and think for a second. Why would anyone want to steal your music?

I think this is one of the few fifteen minutes of fame (more like three years, I’ll give it to her) where I’m not looking at the celebrity in disbelief, I’m looking at all of us who let it happen, saying “Really guys, what were we thinking?” Meanwhile, Nicki lookin’ at all of us like:



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