Why Girls Should Be Afraid Of Being Whipped

As me and my girlfriends walked through campus to our sorority house, laughing about the drunken night before, another member in my sorority who we didn’t know as well bluntly asked, “are you guys all single?” When I answered yes, she vented about how it seemed like we had so much fun together, and even though she’s in a relationship she’d love to go out with us some time, especially because she’s thinking of breaking up with her current boo.

Although me and my closest girlfriends have all been single for about two years now, it was probably the first time someone had so quickly guessed it without knowing each of our love lives personally. Was it that clear from the way we were reminiscing about our drunken antics the night before? Was it the fact that we all seemed so inseparable and adventurous? Was it the way that we were dressed?

Call it what you will, but I can’t help but wonder if single girls have all the fun.

It’s not that being in a relationship is bad, it certainly isn’t. Constant sex, free dinners, and a “soulmate” sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? It is, but somehow it never seems to be quite as fun as being single is. It seems that you’re never as close with your girlfriends while in a relationship. It seems that there are always some girls nights that you miss out on because you’re hanging with your man. You seem to drink a little less and dance a little more conservatively when you’re in a relationship, don’t you?

What’s up with that?

Guys are always scared of getting into relationships. They’re deathly afraid of being “whipped,” of missing out on endless hook-ups with random chicks, on not being one of the “bros.” My question is, why aren’t girls afraid of the same thing? Girls lose their best friends over their boyfriends, they make decisions about their career or college based on a dude, they miss out on certain experiences that only single girls can really enjoy.

As a 21 year old chick, I can honestly say that I think I’m just as afraid of being whipped as the average frat bro, and with good reason. I’ve seen my cool ass, fun ass friends go from life of the party to ball and chain within days. I have girlfriends whose boyfriends don’t “allow them” to go to frat parties, and I know girls whose boyfriends hack their snapchat to make sure that they’re not sending pics to other guys.

Even if you’re not dating a crazy and/or possessive dude, it’s still easy to get wrapped up in romance and leave out your friends. Just like a dude can get pussy-whipped, a girl can easily get dick-whipped. Faster than you can say “wine-night,” you can find yourself ditching your girls happy hour for some post-work sex.

In fact, sometimes I think it’s even easier for girls to get tied up in their relationship. As girls, we feel that we have to contribute more to our relationship, we want to be the perfect girlfriend, we don’t want to lose our man. But is holding on to our newest love interest worth sacrificing life long friendships, our schoolwork, and our career goals? Sometimes you really need to stop and think. Relationships can be an amazing way to better yourself while you’re young, but if you find yourself focusing on your relationship over everything else? You’re probably in the wrong one.

All photos from relationshipgoalsclub.tumblr.com 

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