Why Girls Actually Fight Dirtier Than Guys

If you are female then you have absolutely been told at least once before that you “fight like a girl”. This is usually used as an insult but is it really? How exactly does a girl actually fight?


Damn scrappy, that’s how. Everyone knows that girls are masters of playing with emotions, slinging the sharpest barbs at their opponents and essentially being masters at the verbal cut, but what about physically? If you have ever witnessed a woman in a physical fight, you know that they fight dirty.


Biting, scratching, kick to the groin. A female will pull out all the stops to take her opponent down, going to places that a guy might not even consider. And you know why? Because a female feels like she has something to prove. She will abuse the fact that she is being underestimated and use it to her advantage because no woman can accept defeat whether it be physically or emotionally. Girls are f***ing scary. So next time you see one stalking behind you in a dark back alley, our advice to you is run.

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