Why Friendsgiving Owns Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving coming up, we can already feel our anxiety mounting. The perpetual celebration of awkward family gatherings, airing of disappointments around a table and your parent’s awful Thanksgiving stuffing is almost too much to handle all at once. So for those who’s family reunions often look more Adams Family than Partridge family, there is another alternative: Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is one of the best modern holidays ever to be created and here is why.

You Can Get As Drunk As You Want

At most family gatherings the only way to even tolerate all of it is by getting wasted, unfortunately afterwards you have to deal with the aftermath of judgemental familial interventions that will inevitably follow. With friends- you are all getting drunk and then you are going to drunk eat your way through all the Thanksgiving goodies that you have brought to the table.

You Don’t Have To Eat Your Parent’s Nasty Green Bean Dish

At Friendsgiving, only the yummiest Thanksgiving dishes are allowed. That means mashed potatoes, gravy and pumpkin pie- no green bean casserole allowed.

No Awkward Family Reunion

Those relatives who’s Christmas cards you never responded to last year? The aunt and uncle who vocally disapprove of your lifestyle? Not invited to Friendsgiving. (Thank god)

Friends= The New Family

Friends are the family who you make for yourself later in life. And because of that, they are always close to your heart. Because you chose them yourself.

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