A Surprising Amount of Guys Don’t Believe This 1 Thing You Say in Bed

Common knowledge holds that guys are cocky. No matter how many times you tell a guy you’re not interested, he’s convinced you want it. You can drunkenly make out with a guy one time, and he’s already telling his friends that you’re obsessed with him.

But a recent poll we administered to guys aged 17-26 told us something different about guys’ egos when it comes to what’s dangling between their legs.

You’d think from the amount of random dick pics you’ve received, that all guys are in love with their member and think it’s the greatest in the world. But our survey results showed that out of 64 guys, only 60% of dudes believe it when girls tell them they’re well-endowed.

We were stumped. After all, why would a girl lie about a dude’s size? He obviously knows from his countless group showers in the locker room what he’s competing against, doesn’t he? No guy has ever lied to me and told me I had a big butt to make me feel better. I’ve had guys tell me that I had a nice butt, but never a big one, because we both know that’s absolutely just not true.

And yet, guys were eager to share the countless times they’ve been “lied to” about their penis, and how much they don’t like it. Check out some of the responses we got:

“I’ve had girls say I’m huge before, but I personally don’t think I’m that above average. It might just be personal preference or mind games.”

“If she says something like ‘you’re so big,’ but then doesn’t make a sound, it’s plausible she was lying.”

“If she says something like ‘you’re so big,’ I know she’s lying cause I’m white and just above average.”

“I’ve got an alarmingly average-sized penis so anytime a girl says ‘you’re so big,’ its either a) she has never had sex with a dude before or b) she’s just lying. Basically, I find out really quickly she’s a liar and wonder what else she’s told me just to make me feel good about myself.”

“Drunk me actually replied, ‘Don’t lie, I know I’m perfectly average.'”

Poor babies! Why are these guys so reluctant to believe girls who say they’re big? After all, from our own anecdotal research, girls don’t lie to guys about their dick size. What would the point be?

Here’s a theory: guys don’t believe in their own dick size because they’re comparing themselves to all the porn they watch. It’s the same reason why they might think that your boobs aren’t big or round enough, that your oral skills aren’t good enough, or that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take their “average-sized” dick in the ass with zero foreplay.

So you can either whip up a PowerPoint explaining to your guy that yes, his dick is beyond satisfactory and you have no reason to tell him otherwise. Or if you think there’s no way to convince dudes that porn is a lie, and that James Deen doesn’t represent the national average. Instead, one of our survey respondents suggested this:

“If you want to boost a guy’s ego/confidence, instead of just saying ‘oh my god, you’re so big,’ say something like ‘I love your dick/penis’ and say it genuinely. This is way more personal and it honestly will make us feel special.”

You learn something new every day.

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