Why Dita Von Teese’s Strip Strip Hooray Is A Must See

Dita Von Teese is a modern day pinup girl. The 21st century version of Liza Minnelli’s burlesque lounge dancer complete with Liza’s virgin white skin and sizzling curves.

Dita Von Teese  1

The iconic model, dancer and entrepreneur has been performing since the 90s and she clearly has no intentions of slowing down- nor should she! Her Strip Strip Hooray show been touring since February to sold out shows all over the country and last night in New York was no exception. Dita performed to a riveted audience at the historic Gramercy Theatre last night but don’t worry if you missed it, Dita will be in New York until the 20th and in case you are uncertain as to whether to attend, we have a few reasons as to why you should head out for a night of sex, style and sinuous dance moves.

Dita_472 by Janet Mayer NYC 2013
Dita exuding absolute power over not only her backup dancers, but the audience who is viewing her utter control over her body and her stage presence.

Kaylin Idora DSC_8084_Edit1
Dita oozing sex appeal as she gives one of the best cage dances we have seen since Shakira declared herself a She Wolf in 2009.

Kaylin Idora oe009c0005-002
Dita looking sexier in a tux than James Bond.

Scott Harrison Chicago 7.11.2013 highres62
Dita Von Teese cements her place as one of the few women able to give off an air of extreme sex appeal as well as one of sophistication and timeless glamour.

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