Why Charlotte Mckinney’s Banned Super Bowl Ad Should Be Aired

We all know that Charlotte Mckinney is a babe, I mean did you see when we dressed her up as a naughty nurse? We also know that Carl’s Jr. knows how to sell us burgers- with hot babes such as Charlotte Mckinney. That’s why we weren’t at all surprised when we saw their released Super Bowl ad promoting their “all natural” beef burger- and an “all natural” Charlotte Mckinney as well.

We were dismayed to be informed that the ad will most likely be banned from being shown in the majority of Eastern and Central states. Why is this? Are westerners in possession of something that we aren’t on the East Coast? The ability to control themselves when seeing hot babes like Charlotte Mckinney? I’m pretty sure whether you show the ad to a dude from California or a dude from New York, both are gonna get half-chubs. And I can’t even lie, after watching the ad, I found myself craving a burger as well..

We think every super bowl watcher should be graced with the beauty of boobs and burgers on a glorious Sunday evening. Sure, the ad might be a little provocative, but it’s just a naked chick, there’s no crazy sexual innuendos or foul language. I’m pretty sure there will be multiple ads crafted in a similar fashion on Super Bowl Sunday, because let’s be honest, sex f***ing sells.

Regardless of if we’ll be able to see the ad on the big screen or not, we’re hyped that our girl Charlotte landed such a big (if controversial) ad, hope you enjoyed the burger babe!

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