Why Burning Man Really Makes Coachella Look Like Amateur Hour

Burning Man is an outsider arts and music festival held in Black Rock, Nevada and it makes Coachella look like a basic bitch festival. Obviously the different festivals draw very different crowds and Coachella is more about music, while Burning Man is more about art, but Burning Man stays true to the original intent of festivals: freedom, self-expression, independence, escape, celebration, creativity, passion, these are the ideals that music and arts festivals were based upon. Burning Man is representative of this nature, while Coachella has strayed to just the opposite.

Attendees of Burning Man are active in the festival, participating in art exhibitions and installations, adding to Black Rock City, presenting shows, and are fully entrenched in counterculture and in expressing themselves without regard for societal norms. They take full advantage of the escape from reality and the utter separation from society’s restrictions. It’s badass.

Being at Coachella recently has felt like a place with more judgment of how you look, how you act, and who you’re with. I think I’d much rather frolic naked in the desert building giant birds nests than watch a sea of flower-crowned girls scramble over each other to get closer to Drake.

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