Why Big Hairy Men Are The Sexiest Kind Of Men

Creative director and artist Ms. Fitz talks to us about her lurrrve for big hairy men! And this totally approprtaite photo of Fitz and her dream boo taken by  Thom Kerr


Picture by Thom Kerr www.thomkerr.com

I love dogs so…
The best dog I ever owned was a pit bull; he was huge, unfathomably strong, kind, and loyal. There’s something completely adorable about a creature that seems so mean and powerful; but is actually incredibly sweet on the inside. Honestly, I’d rather not open conversation about sex with a comparison between men and dogs- but, hear me out; the reason I love pit bulls is the essentially same reason why many women and men love hairy, husky dudes.

Squash me
There’s something captivating about a man who’s large and formidable look belies a heart of gold. I started young; my first TV crush being Mr Banks, the patriarch on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – I was mesmerized by his size and authority. It’s continued over the years because, like many, I simply can’t resist the attraction to man that looks like he could single handedly squash me like a bug; but has the emotional complexity and brain power to, like, not do it.

Our babies tho
Besides, I don’t think I can even help it, guys! It’s my ovaries talking. There’s a primal attraction to a whiskered man that physically takes up a lot of space in the world- and that instinctual process goes something like this: “Ooga chakka, ooga chakka; this man can put babies inside me! Those babies will grow up to be big and strong! IMPREGNATE ME, BIG BOY!”

Something to hold on to
When I think of my dream man- he’s strong, kind and patient, he’s good with his hands and gets shit done. He doesn’t need to be rich or fancy, and when I imagine a man that embodies those stereotypes- I like to think of him being.. a little bit refrigerator like. And covered in a thick down of hair. And probably tattoos as well. Besides, having something big to hold onto is super sexy and comforting. I don’t NEED protecting or to be looked after, but it’s nice to feel that if I wanted that; the option is there. I’m definitely guilty of some masculine fetishization here, and as a feminist artist who actively rebels against societal gender expectations, the problematic nature of my double standard feels a little icky. Icky, but sexy. But like with most fetishes- it’s the complicated ones that are the sexiest.

Fit men are cool too, but
I’m not discounting the fit, well groomed men- they’re attractive in their own way too; but they get a tone of public accolades everyday- so I’d want to give a shout out to the HAIRY, HEFTY man; because I know I’m not the only one who feels like this. There’s lots of flavors to buffet. Some of us prefer meat. NOM NOM.


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