Why Barbie Is Still The Ultimate Role Model

If you’ve been following Fashion Week, you’ve probably seen Jeremy Scott’s Barbie-inspired line for Moschino. While you may not be dropping a month’s rent on a pink, heart-shaped handbag anytime soon, Scott definitely tapped into our love for our favorite childhood toy. Barbie has had her fair share of critics in the past, from insults about unrealistic body expectations, to scandals about pregnant-Barbie lacking a wedding ring. Here at Galore, we still love Barbie and consider her the ultimate bad bitch. Here’s why:


1. She’s Always Smiling
For most of us, life isn’t always perfect. Sometimes it rains on our parades, we crash our pink convertible, or Ken breaks our heart. The important thing is to make the best out of whatever situation life throws at you and turn it into a learning experience, and remain positive through everything with a smile on your face.


2. She Doesn’t Need a Man
If your play-room looked anything like mine when you were little, it was filled with barbie dolls (I also grew up in a house of four girls). However, when it came time to find a boyfriend for Barbie, chaos hit; because while we had endless amounts of Barbie dolls, we only had three Ken dolls. Due to this awful ratio, most of our barbies didn’t have boyfriends, and sometimes we even ended up making them date our G.I. Jane dolls instead (Yay for LGBT Pride).


3. She Always Looks Her Best
From ball gowns to glitter-covered bikinis, Barbie is always working it. I challenge you to find a Barbie that comes with sweat pants or flip flops. And While we can’t all wear 6-inch platforms everyday without pulling a muscle, Barbie reminds us that you never know who you’re going to run into, whether it’s your future boss or your future boo.


4. She Does it All:
Having it all can mean as little or as much as you want it to, but there’s no denying that Barbie falls into that category. Whether she’s a popstar, a doctor, an astronaut, or a mom; Barbie wears many hats and manages to balance them all. She also doesn’t let anybody tell her what she can’t be, check out the new controversy about the Virgin Mary Barbie doll that was created by Argentinian artists.


Why we can’t all be Barbie, look like Barbie, or have her endless amount of accessories or professions, I think we can all take a page out of Barbie’s book and put our best, non-plastic, foot forward.

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