Here’s Why Itchy Side Tags Are Suddenly In Every Shirt

There’s nothing like the awkward feeling of a stranger touching the back of your neck to “help” you tuck in a tag that popped out of your shirt.

But do you know what’s worse? Struggling through the sale rack at Forever 21 to figure out if any of the sparkly crop tops are your size, and not being able to find the damn tags. Or, putting on a new blouse for work and being poked by thirty freakin’ tags in the side seam of your shirt all day.

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Tags have seemingly migrated to the left side seam of clothing these days, instead of on the back of the neck – but, why?

Well, no stores have exactly let out an official statement explaining this appalling behavior, but there are a few theories.

1. Some Idiot Probs Thought It’d Be More Comfy

This blogger noticed the curiously moving tags as early as 2012, but somehow thought it was a good thing, noting that the manufacturers probably did it to add comfort. Sure, the lack of tag in the neckline does add comfort to our neck, but at the cost of itching our side every two seconds? No thanks.

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2. The European Union Has Cray Tag Laws

Have you ever noticed that clothes from Zara have like a zillion tags in every language and when you’re looking for the English washing instructions it takes at least five minutes? Well, blame the European Union.

The EU has a law where any clothing sold there has to have labels in every member country’s language. That’s 24 languages. So, if you’re buying any clothing that is made by a company who also sells in the EU — which is pretty much any big brand — you’re going to deal with this.

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3. It Combats The Pesky Flyaway Neck Tag 

Another thought that may have been in manufacturer’s minds is that you won’t have to deal with a pesky runaway tag if it’s in the side of your shirt. This is true, which gets rid of the rando strangers tickling your neck on the Subway. But, still.

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