Men Complain About Gold Diggers But Use Their Jobs to Get Laid

Guys aren’t big on Tinder bios, or any dating app bio for that matter.

And it makes sense. I mean, selling yourself on a dating app is awkward, especially for dudes who don’t even know how to properly express their emotions.

So what do dudes usually fill the blank space under their Tinder pics with? Their job, with the occasional height measurements thrown in there too.

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In fact, according to a study, 7.6 percent of men mentioned a high-status occupation in their dating app bios versus 0 percent of women.

Yes, 0 percent of women.

People listing their jobs in their bios isn’t an issue necessarily. When I was on Tinder, I put my job in my bio too and not much else. Sure, I immediately regretted it when I realized that all my matches looked up my articles before meeting me, but that’s beside the point.

The problem is that dudes love to call out girls for being gold diggers, and only caring about dudes with good jobs. Remember that loser who got kicked off Bumble for shaming a girl who casually asked him what he did for a living?

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And yet, while dudes like Conner from Bumble get mad about women who “only care about their financial status,” many of them are all too quick to boast about their high-earning finance job in their bios, or even lie and say they’re CEO of a startup which is really just a one-man project funded by his parents.

Men use gold-digger/”Wolf of Wall Street” theories to convince themselves that listing “Doctor” in their bio will get them better matches. And then while flaunting their Gucci belt and Louis V wallet in their Tinder photos, they’re also probably ranting to their bros about how all women just want money. So that’s nice.

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But maybe there are other factors that play into this. Maybe lots of women are listing their jobs in their bios, it’s just that not as many women have high-status occupations. Or maybe the women with the high-status occupations purposely don’t list them in their bios because they’re worried about intimidating men.

Whatever it is, dudes need to take a step back and consider that they’re part of the whole “gold digger problem.” After all, if all you’ve got to offer is your fat paycheck, that’s all anyone is really going to want you for, male or female. Sorry ’bout it!

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