Who’s That Girl?: Is Kendall Jenner Really the Next Big Supermodel?

Some love her, some hate her, but everyone is talking about her. Kendall Jenner, Kardashian progeny and the most talked about girl in the modeling industry has landed yet another major fashion boon right alongside the likes of such established models as Julia Nobis and Jamie Bochert. The new Givenchy campaign is a huge deal and has the world wondering, does the young Kardashian have what it takes? We rate Kendall on some of the things that really make a model. Here’s what we think.

Her look
This she has in spades. The height, the body, the cheekbones and the brows. Kendall has it all. She certainly has won the genetic lottery. But it takes more than beauty to be a professional beautiful person.

Her walk
It takes more than a blank stare and the ability to put one foot in front of the other to gain the famed Campbell strut. Kendall simply doesn’t have this down yet. Perhaps with time…

Her editorials
She has gotten enough of them, and though it pains us to say it, she does have some raw talent. She is fierce and she has a connection with the camera, she could become magazine model yet.kendall-jenner-givenchy-fall-2014-campaign

Her personality
What separates the Cara’s from the Candice’s? Aside from a rockin bod, it’s a relatable personality. Cara has risen to the top of the modeling world, for the most part because the world loves her! Kendall may have raw talent and the looks to match, but her personality comes across as consistently bland. Does she have what it takes to become the model of the moment? I guess we have to wait and



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