Here’s what men & women really think about who should pay for the first date

Proper paying etiquette has always been unclear, and we often times overthink what message we’re sending based on how we handle the bill.

If we ask to split the check, are we sending major friend zone vibes? Is it rude to not at least reach for our wallets when the bill comes? And if we choose the seemingly most selfless route and offer to pay for the other person, are we patronizing them?

These implications mixed with gender roles can seriously complicate things, which is why LendEDU conducted a poll of 1,000 Americans to find out what their personal finance preferences are when it comes to dating.

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The polling results showed that 71.8 percent believed that a man should pay on the first date, while 23.8 percent believed that the check should be split, and 4.4 percent believed that the woman should pay.

When broken down by gender, men are more likely to say that men should pay on a first date, while women are more likely to say that they should split the check or have the woman pay. *Cue Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Women.”*

When another poll was conducted in response to the question “Would you be offended if your date asked you to split the bill on your first date?”, the results proved to be complementary.

With men more likely to say that men should pay on the first date, women are more likely to be offended when asked to split the bill. Overall though, a majority of men and women, 68.8 percent, say that they would not be offended if they were asked to split the check, which should definitely ease your worries about coming off as a cheapskate for asking.

Finances are always a touchy subject to address with someone you’re thinking about romantically pursuing, but it should never put a damper on an amazing date. Although the gender dynamic when paying for a date can be confusing, women should feel proud of their ability to buy their own diamonds and buy their own rings, but also allow themselves to be pampered if the man wants to come through with paying.

But sorry, we literally don’t have any advice for making that moment less awkward. It’s okay, though. Neither does Hillary Clinton.

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