Meet the Actresses Who Play Young Kim and Kourtney in ‘People Vs. OJ’

Before Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were stars, they were two ordinary little girls whose father just so happened to be defending a very famous man named O.J. Simpson.

Even though the girls are only featured in four episodes of The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story according to IMDB, it’s only natural that we want to know everything there is to know about the two young actresses taking on two of the most iconic women of our time.

Veronica Galvez


Like Kim, Veronica enjoys taking glam selfies

Audition vibes

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Loves her Kardashian clan.

Missing these two already ❤️

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Is a big supporter of Caitlyn and her transition

Nothing more beautiful than being yourself #caitlynjenner

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And she believes marriage is a wonderful journey.

Movies w some of my favorites 💞

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Although her role as Kim is the only thing listed on Veronica’s IMDB page, you may recognize her from this commercial she shot for Sunbelt, a bakery that makes granola bars that are apparently dank AF:

Yup, that’s her mouthing the word, “Dude,” in total awe of how fresh and amazing those Sunbelt granola bars taste.

Mmmmhmm. Sold us.

Isabella Balbi


Just like we know more about Kim than we do about Kourtney, we know more about Veronica than we do about Isabella.

While it’s safe to assume that Isabella does have an Instagram account, we couldn’t find it. And we couldn’t find a Facebook account for her either, unless you count this one.


Isabella is a dead ringer for the girl in the profile picture, but either she’s had an account for the past six years and done nothing with it, or the account is private to prevent randos, like us, from stalking her.

According to her IMDB page, she’s played a student in a 2013 short called “No Student Left Behind” and played multiple characters on a short-lived 2013 TV show called The Funny Bunch.

But as far as we could tell, her biggest role to date has been playing a new kid who sings about her struggle to fit into life at her new school in an Old Navy commercial — because obviously, the best way for kids to think you’re cool is to walk around singing to yourself.

Seriously, does it get cuter than these two?

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