Who Needs A Boyfriend When You Can Have A ManServant?


Ever feel like you could go without all the drama that comes from dating dudes but still love the feeling of being adored by a special someone? You may want to look into getting yourself a ManServant.

You might be asking, “What the hell is a manservant?” Basically a group of badass women in Los Angeles have created a service where you can rent out an attractive man (or flock of men) for $100/hr who will do (almost) anything you could possibly desire. This includes complimenting you every fifteen minutes, serving you drinks by the pool, feeding you grapes (and any other fruit you may desire), serving as your personal Instagram photographer, and even fending off creepy douchebags at the club.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, it gets better. You even get to choose your manservant’s name and whether or not he is a “butler” (stands silently to the side and waits your command) or a “showman” (described as “taking an active approach to getting the party turned up”).

Unfortunately, feeling like an actual queen is limited to ladies in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Francisco right now. Knowing how amazing this manservant thing sounds though, we can only hope that ManServants blow up and make it out to the east coast soon.

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