Where to buy bodysuits similar to Good American’s after they all sell out

Trying to put the copycat drama behind her, Khloé Kardashian launched her Good American bodysuit collection earlier this week.

The bodysuits are cute af, there’s no doubt about it. In fact, I was thinking I’d maybe indulge in trying the leopard one for myself. That is, until I saw that it was $139.

Unfortunately, by the time I get paid, it’s probably going to be sold out. But never fear, I found a similar option on Yandy!

If you just got paid, check out the cute bodysuits that you can buy on Nordstrom this instant. If you’re tight on cash, we’ve found some similar styles from some of your other fave stores.

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1. The Lace Off The Shoulder Bodysuit, $139


This looked a lot more leopard in the photo with Khloé than on this model, but either way, here are some similar styles. Whether you’re looking for a little more coverage than Khlo or you want so show off your side abs and back tat, we’ve got you covered.

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Leopard Mesh Bodysuit, $29 Open Back Lace Teddy, $27  Lacy Long Sleeved Teddy, $38

2. The Clear Crystal Mesh Bodysuit, $159



Ah, the bodysuit of controversy. Weirdly, the designer who accused Khloe of copying her doesn’t even sell the original bodysuit on her site anymore, or we would’ve linked to it. Tragique. Here are some other options.


Sheer Fireworks Bodysuit, $19 Kikiriki Bejeweled Bodysuit, $48 Moonflower Beaded Bodysuit, $48

3. The Star Mesh Bodysuit, $159


This bodysuit was weirdly hard to find in similar styles, even though it’s a pretty classic design. You can try one of the options below, but you can also buy a plain mesh bodysuit, some patches, and DIY it!

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Marialia Stars Mesh Net Bodysuit, $70 Sheer Netted Star Patch Top, $14

4. The Cutout Cami Bodysuit, $139


If you’re not in the mood to showcase your breastplate (you little thot, you!) then maybe try one of these:


Geo Sheer Mesh Bodysuit, $14 Lace V-Neck Bodysuit, $19 Rehab Cutout Mesh Bodysuit, $48

5. Asymmetrical One Sleeve Bodysuit, $139


Asymmetrical pieces are hawt this summer. But perhaps you’d prefer a millennial pink version of this? Or, just one that isn’t over $100.


Asymmetrical Cut-out Bodysuit, $45 Jaded London Bodysuit, $45 One Shoulder Ribbed Bodysuit, $18

6. Good Body Crystal Appliqué Illusion Bodysuit, $159


We love the cheekiness of this bodysuit. Like, sure, it’s “Good American.” But the word “GOOD” spelled across your boob signifies “good tits.” If you’re not feeling so good, here are some other options:


Bones Mesh Body, $38 DKNY Blocked Logo Bodysuit, $35 Sequined Feminist Mesh Top, $12

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