Where to Buy a Juicy Couture Tracksuit Online

Thanks to nostalgia, the Kardashians and Paris Hilton, everybody wants to have the word “Juicy” plastered across their ass again.

I think I speak for everybody when I say, bless up.

And while you’ve probably double tapped a tracksuit or two on Instagram, maybe you don’t know where to start shopping for a thotty suit of your very own.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Here’s where you can buy a Juicy Couture tracksuit online.

Live thotty and prosper, y’all.

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Urban Outfitters

It may not be cool to shop at Urban Outfitters anymore, but let’s be real, we all still do. Even if we say it’s just because they have pants that fit our irregularly-shaped bodies.

And Urban Outfitters has a LOT of Juicy to choose from – and it’s all in brand spankin’ new condition.

You can buy the tracksuit in red, pink, and black.

Oooh la la.

Buy it here.

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Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is kind of like Urban Outfiter’s bedgy sister, so recently they decided they needed to hop on the Juicy Couture train too.

Only they have less colors and high prices.

So unless you have a gift card or wait until the next sale rolls around, you’re probably better off with Urban.

Buy it here.


It goes without saying, but Juicy Couture still runs a website where you can buy lots of tracksuits.

It just costs a lot of money and looks vaguely Mom-ish.

But if that’s your brand, knock yourself out, kid.

I mean, lady.

Buy it here.

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TBH Amazon is a little hard to find a matching Juicy tracksuit, but on the off chance you’re just looking for a jacket or a pair of pants in a robin’s egg blue, a mint green, or Barbie doll pink, it’s the place for you.

Buy it here.


Believe it or not, classy mall store Nordstrom is selling Juicy.

You won’t find your run-of-the-mill track suit here, but you will find this tasteful floral-accented one.

Buy the pants here and buy the jacket here.


Ebay is kinda sketch, but if you’re willing to sift through piles of crap-o-la that nobody could even pay you to click on, you’ll probably find something worth buying.

Like this classic dark grey velour tracksuit that can be yours for the low price of $15.50 plus shipping.

And the good news is, even if it doesn’t fit, you can probably give it to any trendy vintage shop and get a decent amount in store credit.

Buy the top here and the bottom here.


Depop is like Etsy run by young people for young people, so there’s way less garbage to sift through and way more cute stuff.

Plus sometimes you can haggle down the price!

Right off the bat we found this orange terry cloth tracksuit for $100, this peach set for $45, and then we found these green terry cloth pants which would be amazingly with this green short-sleeve terry cloth zipup – and they’re both under $30.

Seriously, Depop.

Get on it.

Buy it here.

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