Where NOT To Go On Your First Tinder Date

With the popularity of Tinder and the fact that these days it is possible to background check someone enough to make sure that they are not a serial killer, blind dates have gained a bit of popularity in the public mindset. That being said though, there are certainly still a few pitfalls to agreeing to intimately see someone who you have never met. One being, what do we talk about? How do I keep this from being awkward. Do I really have to stare at his face this entire time? The biggest downfall of any blind date, is an awkward location. Public Service Announcement: here are a few places that you do not want to bring your blind date tonight.

Romantic Restaurant
Is there anything more awkward than eating in silence across from another person? Because that is what you are signing yourself up for if you agree to this sort of date. You two have nothing to talk about yet. And at a restaurant there will be nothing for you to do but stare at the other person’s face as they chew their food as quickly as they can without choking in order to get out of this situation as fast as possible.

Sounds like an easy out as there is not chatting required but inevitably, you won’t even be able to pay attention to the plot because all you will be thinking about is the stranger sitting next to you and whether you will be allowed to just leave afterward or if you will be required to engage in small talk. Don’t do it.

Intimate Bar Scene
Even worse than the romantic restaurant because here all you can do is drink. And that is all you will want to do to keep from feeling so uncomfortable. And then you will feel even more uncomfortable when you puke on his shoes on the way out.

Your Place
Obviously, you don’t know him. Even if all you want to do is hook up, at least save if for the end of the date after you’ve screen tested him to make sure that he is 100% not a serial killer or someone likely to steal your stuff when you are done doing the deed.

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