When To Dump Your Cut Buddy

Every fling has an expiration date. Either you two can drift apart, fall in love or have a big blow out. It doesn’t have to be too extreme but when your “holiday” becomes a 12 hour shift from hell, it’s time to let it go.

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DISRESPECT If he starts treating you like a dirty whore (unless you’re into that thing), let him go. You aren’t service and at least a hoe gets paid. If he’s treating you like your totally disposable and has no regard for your feelings, say goodbye!

CATCHING FEELINGS If you are beginning to develop feelings and he’s still keeping you at an arms distance away, you might want to abort your booty call missions. It sucks when you’re sleeping with your Prince Charming but he only sees you as a “fun time”. Let it go because the feelings will only intensify if you continue to give him your kitty.

SATISFACTION There should be a certain amount of selflessness when it comes to sex. If you’re pulling out all the tricks to get him off and he doesn’t even care if you climax, dump him to the curb! Things should be mutually satisfying. Like I said, you aren’t service and hoes get paid. You aren’t…

POSSESSIVENESS If this guy is becoming possessive over you even when he says he doesn’t want a relationship, dump him now. You have no time for fatal attractions. Plus, you aren’t his personal blow up doll. If he’s spreading his love around, you can entertain other people too.

Love, sex and dating really tests your character. You might be a people person but you don’t have to be a pushover. You’re a hopeless romantic but that doesn’t mean you always need to get played. Take control. Summer is coming and it might be time to take out the trash. Happy fornicating!

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