What’s Cool, And What’s Sketchy About Apple Music


Drake high-fiving Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software, Eddy Cue

An overhaul of Apple’s music platform was unveiled on Monday—Apple Beats is here, and Drake is also here to sell it to you. The service will actually be released June 30, but a press meeting on Monday ran down the specifics that the platform will offer.

The platform will launch in 100 countries later in June. A three-month-trial will be available but no “freemium” service will be offered. The service will cost $9.99 a month, or $14.99 for a family plan, which includes up to 6 people.

The cool part, is that the service will include such a huge catalog. The entire iTunes library will be available—it’s hard to imagine that Spotify, Tidal, or any other streaming service will be able to compete with this—for all users on their iPhones, Macs and Windows. The app will be available for Androids later this year.

The app also boasts a global online radio station, called Beats1. So far, there’s been talks that Beats1 will be hosted by Zane Lowe, formerly of BBC, and guest hosts such as Ebro, from Hot 97.

In an appearance that’s now fueling an online conversation about rap feuds of the digital age, Drake presented Apple’s “Connect”, a feature that will evidently allow artists to connect with their fans. Artists will be able to post videos, remixes, or any original material their heart desires. Apple’s also saying that this feature will be available for musicians who aren’t even signed yet. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Soundcloud after the service is released.

Drake weirdly pitching Apple Beats to “the kids at home”

The backlash has come in form of investigations. Attorney generals of New York and Connecticut, as well as the European Commission are delving into investigations to ensure that Apple hasn’t been pressuring labels to remove their material from other streaming platforms.  In addition to that, regulators also want to be sure that labels haven’t been conspiring to remove their material from the streaming services that have a “freemium”. Apple Beats will be a lot of things, but it won’t be free.

How did Spotify CEO David Ek respond to the announcement of Apple Music? With a two word tweet that was later taken down, saying:

“Oh, ok”

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