What Your Style Says About Your Sex Drive

One thing about a person’s sense of style is that it seldom ever stays the same. It evolves over time as you do, growing and changing. The same can be said for one’s sexual preferences. When you are younger the general mind set toward sex is one of fear and awkward curiosity. As you get older, and become more confident (and hornier), you tend to grow into your sexuality and develop preferences of your own. Sex and fashion aren’t so dissimilar in this way and often times can be closer linked than you might think. Here are five common fashion styles- and the sex styles which tend to go with them.

Boho for the slow and sensual

The soft, low key preferences of the Boho girl tend to flow over into most of their other preferences as well. Whether it be music, movies or literature the Bohemian prefers to truly experience everything they expose themselves to. This includes sex. The Boho wants to feel every sensation and make it last so you best have an ample amount of stamina when you hook up with this gal. Be prepared for her to want lots of touching involved as well. Squeeze her breasts while thrusting, and make sure to keep it slow while doing it. This is one thing she is definitely going to want to last.

Girly for the Romantic

It seems obvious that a girl who prefers a flirty, romantic vibe of dressing would carry that over to their bedroom manners as well. If you are planning on getting it on with a girly girl, foreplay is a must. Massages, candles, the whole nine yards. Trust me what you give to a girly girl, you will get back. Yes that includes head.

Punk for the Hardcore

Of course a child of the generation of disaffected CBGB going youths would want to do everything hard. Hard metal on their leather. Hard rock on their stereo ( or rather Beats Pill) and of course hard, rough sex. Unlike the Bohemian, the punk rocker prefers hard thrusts, hair pulling and even scratching in the midst of the act. This is your opportunity to go all out. Don’t overthink the spanking, your punk girl will thank you.

Preppy for the Traditional

The traditional J.Crew, Ralph Lauren wearing girl will often prefer traditional sex. She does not appreciate surprises. Simply go through it the way your momma taught you… or didn’t teach you, moms talking sex isn’t very traditional now is it? 

Goth for the Kinky

Goths are the weirdos of the group in general and so of course they’re preferred sex strategy is kink. A goth girl enjoys role playing, toys, chains, whips, you name it, they can handle it. The only question is, can you handle them?

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