What Would Kanye Do?

Written By Ashley Wen

In your everyday life you would want to be Kanye West, except you’re not Kanye West. Life means decisions, and decisions are hard to make; instead of stressing out just ask yourself “What would Kanye do?”

Here are some mundane life situations solved by Kanye West:

1. Buying groceries


Kanye only wants the best for himself. Love your body right like you love yourself. Buy all the produce, veggies, and meat; don’t touch that pack of Oreos. God didn’t make Oreos, man and machine did.

2. Picking out what to wear


Wear whatever you want and rock that shit. Kanye doesn’t care what other people think of his fashion, because he knows he’s a fashion icon and so are you.

3. To study or not to study


Unless your name is Beyonce or you’re related to the Kardashians, better hit those books. If your name is Kanye, then ignore all that, and you do you because there’s no time for studying when you’re changing the world.

4. Paying bills


Kanye would pay that credit card in time and say, “Damn, I’m good.”

5. Lunch


If you’re at a French restaurant, better ask the waiter where your damn croissant is at.

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