What We’re Thinking When He Asks Us What We Want To Eat

We women aren’t the best at making decisions. From what outfit to wear out on a Friday night, to what selfie we’re going to post on Instagram, to what guy we want to sleep with. Generally, any semi-important decision needs to be aided by one or all of our best girlfriends whenever possible.

When we’re not able to ask our BFFs for advice, things can get a little complicated. For example, when our dude asks us what we want to eat. Having to make a decision alone is scary, especially when it surrounds food and the guy that we’re crushing on. With Grubhub, Open Table, and Instagram food porn, the opportunities for a great meal seem endless. So instead of making an educated decision based on our cravings and preferences, we end up doing something a little bit like this:

Hm…what do I want to eat?

I mean, I could consider all the options, maybe he would really appreciate if I had a straight answer to his question. But maybe he’ll appreciate that I’m so easy to please and down for anything?

Is it bad that I really want Taco Bell?

I could totally go for some loaded nachos right now…but if he takes me to Taco Bell, I know Sara is going to freak out and go on one of her rants about how I’m always falling for broke and/or cheap guys. Plus, I don’t think the Taco Bell near us serves alcohol.

What about that Taqueria with the really good margaritas?

I could totally go for a margarita right now. Plus, this way I can get tacos at a reasonably nice restaurant. Except…am I going to be staying over at his place tonight? I don’t really want to have to use the bathroom at his place after eating Mexican food.

How about that homestyle cuisine downtown?

That place looks really nice, but not so nice that he’s going to cry when he gets the bill. Plus, Amber’s instagram of their mashed potatoes and fried chicken looked unreal. Wait…didn’t I tell myself that I’d start eating healthy this week? How do I pick a healthy place without sounding like one of those psycho chicks that only eat salad? What restaurants are actually healthy?

There’s that vegan place?

No wait, I’m dating a dude. He definitely loves eating meat as much as I do…There’s no way he’s going to go for that. And if he does, he must really like me.

I got it, that one seafood restaurant!

I can just order fish with veggies and skip the bread basket, that’s healthy. And he can get steak, fish, whatever. I always loved the tuna tartare there, and my ex loved the…Wait, I don’t want to go to the same place that my ex used to take me, that’s bad luck. Plus, what if he’s there with another girl?

Hm…we could try my favorite French restaurant?

The food is my fave…but it’s not really healthy. Plus, it might be out of his price range. I don’t want him to think I’m high maintenance…and the atmosphere is really romantic, he might think I’m taking things too fast. Yeah…better just go with the old “I don’t know” answer. He’ll pick a good place on his own, I’ve always liked assertive men anyways.

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